Online Gallery 

In September 2023, an online gallery created by those impacted by child removal practices was launched. This project was developed by the Find and Connect Reference Group at Relationships Australia Tasmania with the goal of raising awareness of the ‘Forgotten Australians’ and those impacted by forced adoptions.

Forgotten Australians’ Videos

In Australia, over the last century, 500,000 children were taken from their families by the government and placed in children’s homes, foster homes, and orphanages.  An unknown number of forced adoptions occurred in Australia, affecting between 150,000 to 250,000 people. These practices continued until the 1980s and still have lasting effects today.

The children who survived these practices often talk about the many losses they suffered and the secrecy surrounding their removal. The parents express the pain and trauma associated with having their children taken away from them. Many of these children were subjected to abuse and neglect in various forms, and they were often told that their families didn’t want them or had passed away. They want their stories to be heard and it’s crucial for us to listen and understand.

The Voices of the Forgotten Australians

Forgotten Australian – Stephen

Forgotten Australian – Peter

Forgotten Australian – Les

Forgotten Australian – David

Forgotten Australian – Ana

Forgotten Australian – Joy

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