Property Mediation can help you reach a fair settlement of your property and finances following separation.

Who is this service for?

Property mediation brings people together with the goal of resolving the issues that are in dispute. It supports an environment in which the parties can speak freely and be understood.

Property mediation is a voluntary process and it may not be appropriate for everyone, or for every dispute. During the first meeting the mediator will gather some information and assess if mediation is an appropriate process for sorting your financial matters or if you need to seek alternate advice.

The role of a mediator?

The role of the mediator is to:

  • Facilitate a constructive discussion about the issues.
  • Ensure the process is fair and safe.
  • Assist the parties with mutual decision-making.
  • Act impartially and independently.

Our mediators are skilled and accredited practitioners who possess a range of qualifications including law, counselling, psychology and social work. All mediators have acquired post-graduate qualifications in Family Dispute Resolution. Our mediators do not provide legal advice and will encourage parties to obtain independent legal advice.

What happens in Property Mediation?

Property mediation starts with an individual intake assessment for each person. Mediation sessions generally run for two hours and the process may require two or more sessions spread over a number of weeks or months if the situation is complex. While the process is tailored to the requirements of each dispute, the following steps describe a typical property settlement mediation:

Step 1: Identify what is included in the property pool.

Step 2: Discuss the parties’ interests, contributions and future needs.

Step 3: Negotiate a fair division of the property pool.

Step 4: Summarise the agreement in writing.

How do I organise a property settlement mediation?

The first step is to contact our service to arrange a confidential individual appointment with a mediator. This initial appointment usually takes about one hour. At this meeting the mediator will explain the process, assess suitability for mediation and answer any questions. If you wish to continue, we will then invite the other party to participate.


When you call to book an appointment, we can discuss fees.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding fees you can give us a call on 1300 364 277.

Key Outcomes

In property mediation you are supported through:

  • Clear information on what forms the asset pool.
  • Information on financial and non-financial contributions.
  • An opportunity to discuss and seek a property agreement.
  • A written property agreement.
  • A service that minimises legal costs and involvement of courts.
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